Axilla Shield Sweat Pads (dress shields) for Excessive Underarm Sweating (men/women) - 5 pairs per pack

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Axilla Shield Sweat Pads (dress shields) for Excessive Underarm Sweating. 

Easy to use sweat pads stick to the inside of your garment, dress blouse, shirt etc. without damaging the cloth. 

Super absorbent, they manage to keep you dry and comfortable for a long period of time until your day ends or till they start to become uncomfortable, where just by removing and disposing of them leaves you with a sense of dryness and comfort as if you just slipped into your shirt/blouse for the first time! 

Each pack includes five pairs of self adhesive disposable sweat pads/dress shields produced in the UK, hypo allergenic and with no perfumes or chemicals, designed to keep your armpits dry for the longest period. Used both by men and women.

Make sweat stains a thing of the past by using the axilla shield underarm sweat pads and feel comfortable wearing colorful clothes once again. Designed for people suffering from excessive sweating and sweat problems. Increase your confidence during the day with no visible sweat stains around the armpit area. They are perfect for many occasions such as business meetings, interviews, presentations dates and weddings. Sold to tv channels (like bbc) worldwide for many years now. They are slim, discreet and no-one will ever know that you are wearing them!

Save money in dry cleaning bills from having to wear each one of your shirts one time! These are the most effective sweat pads available in the market as we 've been trading since 2006 and have thousands of customers worldwide that are regular axilla shield users.

Over 50% gives it a 5 star review on Amazon. Click here to read the reviews.

Despite being perfect for people dealing with excessive sweating and sweat problems the pads themselves will not physically decrease the amount of perspiration so for people suffering from hyperhidrosis it is best to be used along with a heavy duty antiperspirant like Odaban.

Having said that, the fact alone that no sweat stains appear through the clothes and the sense of comfort they leave you with, result in a decreased level of anxiety by a significant percentage and therefore result in sweating much less than a person would under the same circumstances.

Try  Axilla Shield sweat pads/dress shields now!

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