Odaban Antiperspirant Spray

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Odaban Spray Antiperspirant 30ml.

It has been used for many years with undoubted success to deal with the problem of Hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating of the body.

Odaban Spray and Odaban Hand Lotion are produced in the UK. For more than forty years thousands of people, men and women, have found it to be the best solution in their search to get rid of the problem of excessive sweating. Safe and reliable, odaban undergoes the stringent quality and production controls to make sure not only that it is effective when used but also safe, free from allergy inducing ingredients, perfumes and also suitable for all skin types.

The problem with common strong antiperspirants is that they are massively produced for the average population not taking under consideration the small percentage suffering from hyperhidrosis. Actually many dermatologists still don't address the problem as a serious one and are not well educated in this matter since the majority of their patients is not sweat related. The solution is so easy though that most of Odaban users are surprised when they use our product for the first time!

More than 500 real people reviews on Amazon talk about how odaban antiperspirant changed their life and 75% gave it an overwhelming 5 star review! Click here to read the reviews!

Odaban has been used for many years to treat excessive sweating, body sweat and odour, underarm sweat and hyperhidrosis, with great results from the first day of use. Imported from the UK it is safe and easy to use with a precise spray applicator.

Odaban is not meant to be used every day as it is not really needed (check instructions below) so the average use of one bottle outlasts a common antiperspirant bottle!

Used by people suffering from the problem of hyperhidrosis but also as an one-off by people having to undergo important interviews, meetings at work, tests or even weddings!

Odaban is better used before going to bed so it can be absorbed by the skin during the night. In the morning you can take a shower or use a simple organic deodorant on the armpit/underarm area. Do not use a regular antiperspirant/deodorant combo as there's no need to use an antiperspirant at all. This is already taken care of by using odaban. Just an organic deodorant will do. 

Results should be visible from the first day of use and sweating should be reduced to really low levels. Sweating will gradually come back to the previous high levels during the next few days so once it starts to become excessive you can use odaban once again to regulate it! It is that easy! There is no need to use it everyday if sweating is at really low levels.

Try it now yourself!

(Ingredients: Alcohol denat, Aluminium Chloride, PEG-12 Dimethicone)

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