2 x Maxim Antiperspirant Roll On for Hyperhidrosis and Excessive Sweating 29.6ml

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2 x Maxim Antiperspirant Roll On for Hyperhidrosis  and Excessive Sweating 29.6ml

Maxim Antiperspirant is a specially designed antiperspirant to treat the condition of hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating . It has been used for more than twelve years successfully and offers next day results! 

Just read the overwhelming positive reviews on amazon where more than 67% out of 700+ reviews gives the product  5/5 stars!

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It is designed for men and women and it is safe to use for everyone. It is guaranteed to safely improve your living standards dealing with excessive sweat and its frustrating symptoms in your daily routine, social contacts and activities. It is 100% free from perfumes, alcohol and other allergy inducing ingredients. 

Sweating at the gym is fine but excessive sweating at  work, interview and dates is not fun at all.

Common antiperspirants claiming to deal with sweat are not designed for a person suffering from hyperhidrosis and overly sweating and as a result people suffering from this type of condition can not find a suitable antiperspirant to deal with the sweat.  With maxim antiperspirant thousands of satisfied customers have been overwhelmed by the results! Maxim is produced in the USA and tested vigorously in order to be safe for all skin types and avoid irritation. Offered in an easy to use roll on applicator.

Average use of maxim and maxim sensitive is 2-3 times per week and as a result it is Proven to last longer than common underarm/armpit antiperspirants.

Also proven to increase confidence knowing that armpit sweat stains are a thing of the past. 

Both Antiperspirants Maxim and Maxim Sensitive are used worldwide for over 12 years with great success in dealing with excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis. Try it now yourself!

Both Odaban and Maxim Antiperspirant have almost the same ingredients with the main difference being the applicator. Both are very effective in treating hyperhidrosis but one person might enjoy the one better than the other by trying both.

(Ingredients: Aluminum Chloride, Aminomethyl Propanol, Polyquartenium-37, Purified Water)

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